We do not charge any form of registration or portfolio fees for new models and talents. Fees for composite cards will be debited from jobs that have been done.

Setting up a meeting is critical for us to see what you look like in person as well as find out what you would like to achieve in this industry. It also gives us with the opportunity to take casting shots for your composite card.

There will be a 3 month noviciate period where we work on a freelance basis first. Thereafter, we offer an exclusive 2 year contract if we feel we can help take your career to a next level.

If you feel you have that special something, email us at along with 5-10 images of your portfolio or snaps in front of a plain wall in clear daylight. Do include images of yourself with close-ups, mid-body, full-length and side profiles. Also include your age, telephone number, modeling experience and current work/school schedule.

Mint Singapore

Mint is a modeling agency representing young and fresh models based in Singapore. A breath of fresh faces. Training, Management and Representation


For matters regarding representation or for casting calls, please contact:

T: 6336 3170